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In my series of video works, LIFE, I am building an unsettled relationship between humor, violence, and narrative. The videos feature situations that are reenactments of iconic journalistic photographs. The videos create a new landscape of relation between testimony, history, and temporality, working towards a complication of social narrative in the visual field. What still lingers in the stillness and essential movement contained within these photographs? I am approaching both the impossible difference of the other and exposing the language of that divide and what it tells of re-imagined relations and the moments of possibility. 

Year of production: 2014
Running Time: 1:00 min
Capa is a re-enactment of Robert Capa's famous photograph "Death of a Loyalist Soldier" which occurred in Spain in 1936. 
Year of production:2013
Running Time: 8:16 min

LIFE #2 is a reenactment of French patriots gang up on a collaborationist. Brittany, August 1944  


Year of production:2014
Running Time: 1:00 min

Kent is a re-enactment of Kent State shootings occurred at Kent State University in Ohio in1970. The video proposes two different endings to the incident, which point to the indifference to violent acts.


Year of production: 2013
Running Time: 1:00 min

LIFE #3 is a reenactment of Robert Kennedy being comforted a moment after he was shot. Los Angeles, June 5, 1968.

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