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Red Dove is a multi-media Installation, where a video-reenactment can be viewed from a dove’s behind. The video revealed through the sphincter of the dove is a reenactment of Fidel Castro speech, during which a white dove landed on his shoulder before the crowds in Cuba in 1959.

Domestic Olympics is an absurd commentary about the Berlin Olympics of 1936, immortalized in the film Olympia by the controversial director Leni Riefenstahl. Olympia served as a monument to the glory of the Nazi Über-mensch - super human. Domestic Olympics undermines this idea by posing the idealized Greek sculpture’s body while conflating traditional gender roles, as well as Jewish identity on fine china. It calls into question ideas around the prestige of labor and physique and the evolution of modern masculinity. I am using autobiographical content in the questioning the history of the Jewish people and the history of masculinity, juxtaposing the fascist system of the idealized form and the intimacy of domestic space.

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